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    The purpose of our existence as a business is to provide current, accurate, and individualized advice and treatment for the patients who visit us and the offices who refer patients to us. The highest standards of care will be met. We will provide a safe, clean, friendly, and warm environment for patients to receive their dental care and improve their dental health. The environment that we create for ourselves as a team at work will also be safe and healthy both physically and emotionally. We will work hard for each other and for each patient, putting our full efforts, attention and ability in to their care and into keeping records for them. We will be friendly with each other and each patient or professional who may interact with our office by any means of communication. We will stay current with modern techniques, equipment, and best practices according to American Dental Association and American Association of Enodontists standards. Recognizing that the world changes and improves at a fast pace, we will create an environment of continuing education and willingness to change as science improves.

    As well as providing excellent endodontic care for each patient, we will support and reinforce the needs they may have pertaining to their overall dental health. We will support the treatment plan that each patient carries with them and emphasize the importance of following up with their general dentists’ practices to continue with all the care that they require to reach their best possible dental and medical health.

Mission Statement